“Since Baghdad’s group is new to the Arab Cultural Policy Taskforce, its message is to paint a different picture of the city, which breaks the common stereotypes brought about by the media, namely the stereotype of an unstable city in a turmoiled country.”

In this featured people, we talk to Hussam Al-Saray, Member of the National Task Force for Cultural Policy, Iraq - a key cultural player in the MENA region and contributor to the World CP - about his work, ambitions, challenges and vision for the future of cultural policy in his country.

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Have you seen our new, improved STEP travel grants programme? The grant scheme is now even more geographically open, more focused on communities and promotes sustainable forms of travel. The guidelines, FAQ and application form are now available at our recently updated website: steptravelgrants.eu.
And in the freshly launched Travel Stories Lab, you can find fascinating adventures from ECF grantees and other cultural practitioners. Read their stories, connect or share a few words about your own travels related to international cultural initiatives. 

Photo: STEP grantee Katharina Maschenka Horn with project partner Nemanja Mutić. Photo by Jan Novosel.

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REPORT - Idea Camp 2017: A Common Effort in Bringing Upon a Brighter Future

Entitled ‘Moving Communities,’ the Idea Camp 2017 brought together individuals from across Europe and its neighbouring countries, who are willing to “move” their communities through their creative and progressive ideas. During three days, 50 selected Idea Makers, guest experts, the hubs in the Connected Action for the Commons network and a group of representatives from European municipalities have exchanged thoughts and challenges, learned from one another, and further developed ideas. Their ambition: to contribute to building societies with greater equality; to translate common sense into sustainable inclusive policies. Read our short report.